SPICYJAMS is a fashion brand from Paris, France, specialising in streetwear and rock wear delivering high quality clothes to musicians, rock fans, and anyone who expresses themselves through music. We aim to stir inventiveness and self-expression through music outfits in festivals, events, and daily social environments.

 Striving to bring out the hottest music apparel, we understand that your clothing should be far from boring and basic to help you showcase your personality and highlight your individuality.

At SPICYJAMS, we offer you a variety of music-themed attire to enhance your enjoyment and express your style based on rock music tones. We have pre-selected the most popular garments for you, and you should expect exceptional quality and unique style that you can't find at any regular store.

We have the required experience with divine love for streetwear blended with passion and loyalty to music. As a rock music fan, you could be asking, does what I wear matter? In reality, music fashion allows you to show personality and illustrate your loyalty to a particular music preference. Therefore, we are determined to bring you an incredible outfit combination with high-quality garments, distinctive designs, and elegantly fresh style. We strive to become the world's favourite personalized music attire company, and we pride ourselves in making events success by using print and embroidery technology to unite and inspire various brands and groups of multiple sizes. 



My name is Lawrence. I am Franco-Syrian and have been living in Paris, France, since 2012. I am -among many things- a business development specialist, a pianist/synth player and rock/metal fanboy. I’ve got passion for streetwear and all cool gadgets and accessories that comes in that package.

Recently, I realised that it's challenging and almost impossible to find an eye-catching and badass music outfit from a reputable company. As a matter of fact, I concluded that all music fashion revolves merely around band apparel, rock band t shirts for example, and metal merchandise with cheap prints of music interments and silly phrases with no style, nor soul nor quality.

Here is where the project to create a brand hit my head and started to develop and wake me up every night to sketch ideas and designs.

My aim is to have my designs and styles available and accessible to as many people as possible because I believe that badass look and awesome quality could be offered at a reasonable price and shouldn’t be a subject to market segmentation and over-pricing strategies. Therefore, I decided to position SPICY JAMS at a point where I’m able to design, create and offer high quality rock clothing style at the most convenient price.


 If you are a fan of rock music and have always wanted that streetwear look with cool gadgets and accessories, SPICY JAMS is here to sort you out. We provide an extensive range of what your heart desires at the best quality.

Our branded items include, but not limited to, rock t shirts, sun neck gaiters/protective face masks, music socks, minimalist backpacks, custom fanny packs among many other items which give you that swag and modern look that comes along with great comfort and relaxation.

For a rock fan who aim to ace their rock clothing style game, SPICY JAM’S rock merch will bring out a modern and sharp style to reflect your loyalty and love for music. Therefore, you'll have a piece that matches your taste and makes you stand out no matter the season, the event or the social occasion.


Before being brand owners, we are everyday clients. We totally understand our clients’ perspective and expectations in terms of product quality, service and follow up. SPICY JAMS’ team puts all the effort to ensure that you have a delightful shopping experience followed by an outstanding client service to ensure that all your expectations are met and all your questions are answered. Head to our catalog to discover our latest collections and releases, or drop us a line if you’ve got any enquiry.

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